The Pink Ribbon Epidemic - Spread it Around

Breast cancer awareness and fundraising has flooded our culture. Organized races, walks, galas, contests, and the like have all rallied around this one cause. Central to most of these campaigns is a symbol: a pink ribbon. Undeniably, its aesthetic charm has been key to the impressive rise in breast cancer awareness. Skeptics question the authenticity of the symbol calling it a fad, a trend. But is it just that? With closer investigation, the pink ribbon campaign proves itself to be innovative and effective.

Through a series of interviews, I offer a fresh set of perspectives on why and how breast cancer charity has captured the attention of our society. Feel free to browse the featrues using the links below or the tabs above 

                              Jenifer Lloyd - Survivor, Susan G. Komen Volunteer and Former Board Member, Author, Spokesperson

Lanie Witt - Leading Communications and Marketing Specialist at Eastern Maine Healthcare Charities

                              Jeff Bennett - Survivor, Livestrong Volunteer, Susan G. Komen Board Member: Public Policy Chair